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Why Invest With Us?


Perhaps you’ve always wanted to invest in property but never taken the first step or perhaps you have money in the bank gaining a very small amount of interest. Well like you we found ourselves in a similar situation back in June 2015 when we set up Elliot James Property in search of family financial freedom. With so many different ways to get involved in property its difficult to know where to start. We want to help you on your property journey.

Martin Webb and Elliot Webb

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What can we offer?

At Elliot James Property we understand that everyone is in a different situation be it financial or personal. Therefore we provide different solutions to allow you to get involved:

Fixed Investment returns

Want to get involved in property but don’t have the time or the knowledge? Why not invest in our projects for a fixed return on your investment. We are always reviewing new potential projects so why not call us for a no-obligation discussion on your investment requirements so we can match you with the perfect project. Why not check out our case studies page for information on our previous projects and some financial analysis.

Property Investment Sourcing

Have experience of investing in property but struggling to find new investments? Having experienced this frustration ourselves we know how you feel. That’s why we set up our own sourcing system to allow us to find properties and development sites to purchase. But unfortunately we can’t buy everything ourselves. So to assist others in their property journey we provide a service whereby we source properties for other investors. To get access to our deals hit the button below:

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